Are hiking, biking and equestrians trails a priority for you? We need you!

1) EMAIL & CALL each Supervisor:

Stating the importance of  the El Dorado Trail to you.

District 1 – John Hidahl – bosone@edcgov.us | (530) 621-5650

District 2 – Shiva Frentzen – bostwo@edcgov.us | (530) 621-5651

District 3 – Brian Veerkamp – bosthree@edcgov.us | (530) 621-5652

District 4 – Michael Ranalli – bosfour@edcgov.us | (530) 621-6513

District 5 – Sue Novasel – bosfive@edcgov.us | (530) 621-6577


Why is the El Dorado Trail important to you.

1) Trails supply the community with a SAFE place to exercise, recreate, and travel.

2) Trails connect communities, schools, neighborhoods, businesses, and towns.

3) Trails boost the economy!  The American River Parkway reports $360 million in economic benefits.

4) The El Dorado Trail will be a trail of National Significance connecting the Sacramento region to the Lake Tahoe Region.

5) The El Dorado Trail is already benefiting walkers, bicyclists, equestrians, moms with strollers, and the dog walkers too.  But the trail is benefiting even more groups that you may realize.  The El Dorado Trail is utilized by Union Mine and El Dorado High School’s track teams, Marshall Hospital’s physical rehab program, Placerville’s spinal injury support group, kids walking to school, Geo Cache groups, and more.  Fund Raising events are held on the trail. The El Dorado Trail serves the entire community!



The first priority of use for the El Dorado Trail is a class one and multi-use trail for hiking. biking, and equestrian use. All other uses are secondary and must not impinge in any way on the access, to development, use, or maintenance of the priority use. The Placerville branch of the El Dorado Trail involves the 28 miles segment of the Sacramento – Placerville Transportation Corridor from the El Dorado/Sacramento County line to Missouri Flat Rd.

We stand behind this position based on these facts;

The Placerville Branch rail line was purchased with taxpayer money under the provisions of the National Trails Act, also known as the Rails to Trails Act, as a railbank corridor.

The Nationals Trails Act states in part that;

(c) The Congress recognizes the valuable contributions that volunteers and private, nonprofit trail groups have made to the development and maintenance of the Nation’s trails. In recognition of these contributions, it is further the purpose of this Act to encourage and assist volunteer citizens involvement in the planning, development, maintenance, and management, where appropriate, of trails.

The El Dorado Trail is a major piece of the cross-state class 1 and multi-use trail from San Francisco to South Lake Tahoe.