The El Dorado Trail is a multimodal transportation corridor planned to extend the entire length of El Dorado County from the western county line to the Lake Tahoe Basin. Some segments are already completed with Class I Bike Paths; other segments are currently in development, open for use as a natural trail, or are proposed for improvement.

Friends of El Dorado Trail is a group of local trail supporters who work cooperatively with the city and county. We advocate, publicize and strategize on behalf of the trail.

The El Dorado Trail includes two railroad rights-of-way. The twenty-eight mile segment of the Sacramento-Placerville Transportation Corridor in El Dorado County extends from the western end of the County near the Latrobe area east, to the western portion of the city of Placerville. The Michigan-California portion runs east from Placerville up into the Camino area. At the present time, potential extension of the El Dorado Trail from the end of its current trail at Highway 50 in Camino to Pacific House east of Pollock Pines and further east following the former Pony Express trail into the S. Lake Tahoe area is being considered. This former rail corridor is a part of the Designated Cross State Bicycle Route which runs from San Francisco to S. Lake Tahoe.

On the Trail map page you can find the location of the Class 1 bike paths with the parking areas and access points. These areas are in and around the city of Placerville. Most of the El Dorado Trail is unimproved and remains with the rails left abandoned. Over twenty-three miles of this natural trail weave through out El Dorado County‘s foothills, all open for nature walks, horseback riding or mountain biking.


It is the mission of Friends of El Dorado Trail to complete the El Dorado Trail as an alternative transportation and recreation corridor of hiking, biking and equestrian trails, from El Dorado Hills to South Lake Tahoe.


We envision that the future of El Dorado County will include an alternative transportation and recreation corridor of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails that will attain local and national popularity due to it’s generous and expansive connections with our modern day gold. The El Dorado Trail will make it possible for residents and tourists alike to embrace our history, natural wonders, and rural lifestyle. The trail starts in the oak-filled meadows of the western slope which features the railroad and gold rush times, then heads eastward through apple orchards and Sierra Nevada pine forests. The actual pony express trail is next, along with logging routes, and the finally the trail ends with a stunning embrace of Lake Tahoe. Different seasons include the wildflower experience and the Sierra winter theater which showcases our county’s geologic wonders. It will be a much-sought after experience for hikers, bikers, and equestrians and will include folks that use wheelchairs, strollers or other special transport.