Clues from Bizz Johnson Trail

Posted on 25. Aug, 2011 by in Uncategorized

I had a conversation with the Engineers for BLM in regard to the Bizz Johnson Trail. Interesting trail build because they removed the rails and ties and have done nothing to the rail bed since. They originally thought they would grade it periodically, now they do not bother as the trail needs little work annually. The original design and build of the rail bed was similar to our rail corridor and we may be able to develop and maintain our trail minimally. I have the phone numbers and contacts at BLM, if needed.

The point is that even if the rails are worth say just $1,000,000, and the removal costs are similar, the trail can be left in a usable condition and maintained at low cost. Next we could work on money to pave and upgrade the trail. Another BLM project was paving for less than $100,000 per mile and that would put paving cost for our 17 miles at $1,700,000. I am not sure all this can be done with the permits and guidelines we need to follow, but there are projects that have been successfully built and maintain at minimal costs.

– Mike Kenison

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