August 16th Supervisors Mtg.

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1) Request Supervisor Knight to work with couty counsel to make a formal written request to the JPA to allow El Dorado County to remove the rails in segment 1 and the request should also include the beneficiary of proceeds from the salvage.

2) Direct staff to create a SPTC over sight committee which contains a cross section of interested parties and define the tasks which they will be advising the board on which will include the short term use of the segments of the entire corridor.

3) Direct staff to return with the proposed members of the over sight committee in September.

4) Direct staff to update the outline of the process to remove the trail in segment 1 and to construct a trail.

Other notes…

County Council said with great clarity that El Dorado County Board of Supervisors has the absolute right to designate the use of the SPTC corridor in El Dorado County. She made it clear that this derives from the easement granted to El Dorado County, by the JPA.

She also stated that the only matter up for discussion is the ownership of the corridor assets and the beneficiary of the potential sale of those assets. She reiterated that there is absolutely no question of the use of the corridor and the only use agreement currently is for the El Dorado Western Railway group for the 3 miles from Missouri Flat to the El Dorado Y.

This is important stuff as we now know that the Folsom Train Group currently runs illegal trains on the tracks in El Dorado County. It also points out the only question is who gets the money when we sell the tracks and that will undoubtedly be EDC. We put up the $2.3 million for the purchase, and in the end we get our money out of the tracks, no matter what the smoke screen is from the JPA.

The day looks better as we review and digest all the comments.

– Mike Kenison & Jackie Neau



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