Top 7 reasons why TRAINS & TRAILS don’t work for the ENTIRE corridor

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  1. This option increases the cost of the class 1 bike trail by up to $30 million and increases the time by up to 50 years (based on current projects in El Dorado County and the time in has taken to build the EDT trail in Placerville.)
  2. The trees are going to have to be slaughtered to accomplish this, removing much of the valued shade on the trail.
  3. Throwing the trail in the dirt takes away the nice gentle grade that it presently enjoys in Placerville, and makes it an up down trail, which I believe mountain bikers will enjoy, but the masses prefer the gentle grade.
  4. A train this length will be expensive to ride and will only operate on weekends (and holidays.)
  5. If I ride the train, I will only do it once.  I will use the trail weekly.
  6. I don’t believe in giving away public land.  It costs $50 day to rent the gazebo at Lion’s Park – a 20 by 20 foot area.  The Folsom Train has proposed a $100 per year lease, that includes nearly 22 miles of track, land for maintenance buildings, boarding stations, and a transfer station to the Placerville Train.
  7. $30 million and 50 years

– Written By Jackie Neau (Email her directly or comment below)

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